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Bigfoot and the Mitten


One day a Bigfoot saw a robin flying by, but the mitten the robin had was what caught Bigfoot’s eye. It made Bigfoot wonder where his mitten could be, and robin agreed to help him find it - hopefully. Together they explored Michigan with so many great places, but in the end, they discovered the mitten was right in their faces.

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Monsters First Day at School.


That first day of school can be scary, especially for little monsters that are just learning how to behave on that first day. This charming book will  help them understand what is right and wrong as they laugh at adorable artwork and the fantastic messages delivered through humor.

Mick Morris Myth Solver - Chapter Books (Ages 7-12)

Mick, his cousin Sissy and best friend Nathan travel with their parents while filming Myth Solvers. But instead they sneak away to do some myth solving of their own. Every book has Five Ways to Finish - five different endings in every book.

Mick Morris Myth Solver #1:
All Isn't Well in Roswell!


The Myth Solvers are off to Roswell, New Mexico to discover if aliens exist or not.  But when evil aliens show up it becomes a horrifying race to save the planet. The Five Ways to Finish are normal, scary, superhero, silly and short.

Mick Morris Myth Solver #3:
Champ...A Wave of Terror!

A trip to Port Henry, New York is a vacation, but bizarre events lead them on a dangerous boat ride to a threatening encounter with the lake monster Champ. Five Ways to Finish - normal, scary, sci-fi, freakish fairy tale and internet chat.

Mick Morris Myth Solver #5:
Abominable Snowman...A Frozen Nightmare!


It’s a chilling myth solving mission in the frozen wilderness of Alaska  while searching for the Abominable Snowman. From a terrifying chase in icy tunnels, to creepy characters the Five Ways to Finish are normal, scary, shrunken, reverse and tabloid news.

Mick Morris Myth Solver #2:
Bigfoot...Big Trouble!


Filming at a carnival seems like a good idea until the Myth Solvers find themselves mixed up with evil characters, a horrifying freak show and the real Bigfoot! The Five Ways to Finish are normal, scary, western, talk show and a comic book ending.

Mick Morris Myth Solver #4:
Grudge of the Gremlins!


The Henry Ford Museum in Michigan sounds great for historical fun. But becomes horrifying when mischievous gremlins come out of planes and do evil pranks. Five Ways to Finish - normal, scary, time travel, B movie and improv game.

Mick Morris Myth Solver #6:
Threatening Thunderbirds!


Nathan is visiting Mick, but ferocious thunderbirds are lurking above. From Chicago to Alton it’s a terrifying chase with perilous river rides to threatening electrical grids. Five Ways to Finish are normal, scary, parallel dimension, poem and a recipe.

Sketch The Myths


Learn to draw your favorite myth monsters! Featuring exciting information on how-to-draw in every art style. Plus, it includes exciting myth facts. Lessons every artist should know, while encouraging your creativity.  80 pages of fun, artistic learning and laughing.

Ghost Board Posse Books – Chapter books (Ages 10-13)

Very diverse skateboarders from California, Hawaii, Michigan and Maryland try out for a huge boarding tour – and win! But they don’t know what terrifying adventures are ahead, with a nasty manager and a creepy Internet stranger its humor and horror in this series.

Ghost Board Posse #1:
London Screaming!


Ending up in England’s most haunted castle, the Posse embarks on a journey of frightening mysteries and vicious secrets. The only way to save their friend and make it back to the tour alive is to solve the gruesome 250-year-old mystery.

Ghost Board Posse #2:
Aloha Haunts!


An exciting sequel with more horror, humor and thrills as the team is off to Hawaii on the second stop of their tour. Warm sunny days surfing in the beautiful ocean sounds great…until tribal zombies begin to surface!

Ghost Board Posse #3:
Ice Cavern Cadavers!


Lake Tahoe is cold and snowy, but the frozen undead thawing is even worse. From avalanches to solving the mysteries of the missing lodge – its one nightmare after another as the Posse snowboards their way through this horrifying mystery.

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