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As Bigfoot and a robin are in search of Bigfoot’s lost mitten this adventurous and humorous book takes you on a delightful ride. This unlikely duo visits many of Michigan’s most wonderful and well-known sites. The touching ending proves that what you may think you lost, can really be found at home. Get your copy now!

Bigfoot and the Mitten - $14.95

ISBN: 978-1-937665-05-0

Hardcover full color with jacket, 36 pages

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Relive the Grudge of the Gremlins at the Henry Ford Museum!

This is so cool! Next time you go to the fabulous Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation take your Grudge of the Gremlins book with you and see if you can find all the of the amazing artifacts that are featured in this book. If you are up to the challenge, simply take pics of the objects next to the book, like we’ve done here. Then if you send us your pics on our Mick Morris Myth Solver Page (Facebook), we will send you a free Mick Morris Myth Solver Poster! Have fun, and watch out for those mischievous gremlins!

Story Monster Approved!

We are very proud to announce that 'Monsters First Day at School' was recently kid tested and approved by Story Monsters LLC - the home to the award-winning Story Monsters Ink® magazine, the literary resource for teachers, librarians, and parents. Check it out here.

Need your copy of Grudge of the Gremlins?  Click here!

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